Our clients view us as an essential ingredient of their success.  The firm’s extensive experience in working with investment funds and private investors coupled with deep legal knowledge in our area of expertise means that we often can protect our clients’ interests in ways other firms may not and also means that we are able to close transactions quickly and efficiently.

Having represented funds and issuers in distressed transactions and high-risk venture transactions, we have seen many of the issues and difficulties funds and their portfolio companies encounter over time.  This enables us to identify many potential pitfalls in advance, and we have developed legal techniques to better protect client investments as a result.  We make it a point to proactively incorporate our experience into our documents, while always maintaining focus on the fundamental economics. Our attorneys also are experienced in private equity fund formation and in structuring highly complex investment vehicles.

The firm regularly represents clients in transactions with issuers and companies represented by top Wall Street law firms.  It is not uncommon for our representation of a fund in a particular portfolio company investment to result in the request for our representation of that portfolio company after the investment has closed.

The firm regularly represents clients in the following types of engagements:

  • Equity and Debt Investments: Purchases and issuances of convertible preferred equity and secured or unsecured convertible notes.
  • Bridge Financings: Purchases of short-term convertible notes (typically unsecured and issued in an angel round) designed assist an issuer prior to a round of equity financing, particularly where the assignment of a valuation is difficult, often accompanied by the issuance of warrants.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: Acquisitions of control positions, exits and recapitalizations.
  • Fund Formation and Complex Partnerships: Highly structured pooled investment vehicles for investment funds, holding companies and operating companies, representing sponsors and limited partners.
  • Distressed Financing and Secured Lending:  Secured lending transactions with security interests, pledges, guarantees, subordinations and confessions of judgment.
  • Executive Employment:  Employment, retention and separation arrangements, change in control issues, equity-based compensation programs, and annual and long term incentive plans